YIF commissioned to assess COTCO mosquito control

In November 2014, Professor Graham Matthews visited Cameroon on behalf of the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO) to carry out an evaluation of their malaria mosquito control practices at two pumping stations; Dompta in north Cameroon; and Belabo in the east of Cameroon to evaluate the control methods currently used and to recommend future action. At both locations the mosquitoes are resistant to the pyrethroid insecticides used on long lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLITNs) and are the only insecticide type currently used to impregnate bed nets. As the insects are resistant to this chemical, an insecticide with an alternative mode of action is needed for indoor residual spraying (IRS), e.g. pirimiphos methyl (Actellic) or bendiocarb. Professor Matthews gave advice on improved Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) methods and technology, as well as other transmission prevention measures.

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