YIF is assessing a cold fogger for adult mosquito control

Fig. 3.13b

There is a new addition to the YIF toolbox for vector control - a vehicle mounted cold fogger has been imported from the UK for trials to determine … [Read more...]

New publication in Parasites and Vectors

Blackfly data from Maria Gloria paper

Using data from the Cameroon blackfly control and monitoring work, along with other field data,  a model has been developed by Maria-Gloria Basañez … [Read more...]

New River Blindness publication

Blind man and wife

YIF has published a new paper entitled "River blindness – A neglected disease transmitted by blackflies (Simulium spp.)" by Jane Che et al. It is … [Read more...]

New publication on the impact of distributing insecticide treated mosquito nets

Training on setting up nets

YIF assessed the impact of distributing 5,000 insecticide treated bed nets (PermaNets) and has published the results in Outlooks on Pest Management - … [Read more...]

Graham Matthews technical support

Song Lou Lou dam August 2015

Professor Graham Matthews visited Cameroon in 2017 on behalf of ACTIS to develop an update on what was being done to alleviate the biting of … [Read more...]

YIF provided technical assistance to COTCO

IRS in action

The Chad–Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project is a controversial project to develop the production capacity of oilfields near … [Read more...]

YIF commissioned to assess COTCO mosquito control

Aug Cameroon  2007 055

In November 2014, Professor Graham Matthews visited Cameroon on behalf of the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO) to carry out an evaluation … [Read more...]

Keeping the number of blackflies down

Graph of blackfly numbers on sticky traps 2012 13

The Yaounde initiative has been continuing to treat parts of the Sanaga River between Edea and Monatele to keep the numbers of blackflies as low as … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon project completed successfully

2013-09-10 10.56.21

With a final presentation to the Minister of Agriculture, the CropLife International-funded CleanFarms project in Cameroon has been completed with … [Read more...]

Could odours be the solution to blackfly control?


The Yaounde Initiative Foundation has been carrying out field research in Cameroon in collaboration with the UK-based Natural Resources Institute … [Read more...]