CleanFarms Cameroon team study tour to Ghana

The CleanFarms Ghana project kindly hosted two members of the CleanFarms Cameroon team on a study tour recently. Didier Baleguel (YIF) and Valentine Fombin (MINADER) spent one week in Ghana learning and sharing experiences on outreach methods, data analysis, and planning for collection and safeguarding of obsolete pesticides and empty containers. The hospitality and helpfulness were sincerely appreciated and the Cameroon project would welcome the chance to host their Ghana colleagues if this were possible in the future.


  1. I am happy to learn of your commitment to make our enviroment safer and healthier.
    Reagards to Didier and Valentine

  2. Didier Baleguel says:

    Thanks Barasa, it is an important goal despite ignorance from many pesticide users and negligence from various actors.

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