YIF assists with disposal of obsolete pesticides

Edea stocks

Around 50 tonnes of obsolete pesticides have finally been removed from Edea by an international hazardous waste company and shipped to Europe for high … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon project completed successfully

2013-09-10 10.56.21

With a final presentation to the Minister of Agriculture, the CropLife International-funded CleanFarms project in Cameroon has been completed with … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon cleans up pesticide stores at Edea

obstocks jumble (Large)

The CleanFarms Cameroon project, funded by CropLife International, has been involved in late November/early December in theory and hands-on training … [Read more...]

Nigerian and Cameroonian study tour to CleanFarms Ghana

A rare touristic break for the study tour participants

Staff involved in CleanFarms Cameroon and CleanFarms Nigeria visited Ghana for a study tour from 12 - 16 September 2011. They benefited greatly from … [Read more...]

YIF Meeting of the Board of Trustees at Imperial College London

Dr Pierre Baleguel, Terry Wiles and Professor Graham Matthew

Dr Pierre Baleguel visited England 11 - 15 May 2011 for a Trustees Board Meeting with the other Directors of YIF, Professor Graham Matthews, Terry … [Read more...]

Agricultural Show at Ebolowa

CleanFarms stand at Agricultural show in Ebolowa

Staff from the Yaounde Initiative Foundation and MINADER ran the CleanFarms Cameroon stand at the Agricultural Show at Ebolowa during the week of 17 … [Read more...]

Capacity assessment of YIF

Pierre discussing with Manon in the YIF lab at Nkolbisson

Manon Dohmen from the Knowledge and Skills Company based in Ghana, visited YIF in November 2010 to make an assessment of its capacity to continue to … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon team study tour to Ghana

Working team during study tour in Ghana

The CleanFarms Ghana project kindly hosted two members of the CleanFarms Cameroon team on a study tour recently. Didier Baleguel (YIF) and Valentine … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon website is LIVE

The CleanFarms Cameroon website is now live, which means that the public can read about the CleanFarms Cameroon project, download booking forms and … [Read more...]

CleanFarms Cameroon outreach rolls out

The outreach campaign for CleanFarms Cameroon - the CropLife funded project to identify, safeguard and eventually rid Cameroon of obsolete pesticides … [Read more...]